Turkey Opens the World’s largest Military Base in Somalia


The Government of Turkey has opened the largest military base outside its territory yesterday Saturday in Somalia

Turkeys Major General Hullusi Akar and Somalis Prime Minister Hussein Ali Khaire inaugurated the military base that is constructed on 42 Km land. The base has taken 2 years and $50 Million to construct. It is hoped the base will be used to train Somali military personals and is considered a beginning of other ventures in East Africa for Turkey.

Turkey has its eyes on Somalia better that any other countries in the region. Previously it has built huge hospital and has played great role in coming to the rescue of several Somalis who were vulnerable to drought and starvation.

Somalia has become much favored country for building military bases by few of the Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. These countries also have military bases in Somalia but not to the extent of Turkey.

The general of Turkey has promised to build a formidable Somali defence force for Somalia by providing training and organizing the military. Somalia is still in internal turmoil and struggles for its survival.