The Phenomenal Fight: Mayweather vs McGregor – [FULL]



  1. Man floyd is slower and you can see his age he is not the fighter he was years ago but he now what he is doing he make conor tired and fucked him up with hard punches going forwared thats confedence he was the harder hitter to for sure thats not mma fighting agains bums they not good enouth for boxing sorry for bad english

  2. 33:55 Only if Mcgregor knew he had em hurt to the body and didn't jump on him Cx

    If you pay attention, he kept hurting him too the body. Only if I was in his corner to let him know to break the body.

    Mad props to Floyd he 's a dawg he def brought the fight very entertaining

  3. I thought this was going to be an MMA fight! Of course the black dude would win with the hands, why do you not let the white guy use his legs? Because you know the black dude would not stand a change, this was absolutly known who was going to win but its always a Big show and tired of this..

  4. las artes marciales es superior el contricante uso los punos en la vida real el marcialista es superior todo cuerpo esta entrenado no solo los punos me gustaria que el boxeador pelea ahora en artes marciales

  5. Ufc and boxing are two different things they shouldn't be mixed together.. All I saw was mayweather toying with mcgregor trying to give his fans a show worth their money throwing a hundred punches doesn't mean your winning a fight mayweather was more accurate and more on point where as mcgregor gassed himself out and no way was he gonna start off that quick and think he would last 12 rounds mayweather used brains and tactics while mcgregor relied on bully tactics and tried being too quick on the draw

  6. Did Mayweathers heart rate go above resting in this fight? Amazing Stamina by a dude that is 40. Respect to Conor I never imagined he would take it to 10.

  7. I like how friendly Mayweather and McGregor were to each other after the fight. YET these dumbass morons in the comment section try to racebait like theres some race war going on

  8. Fools are the ones who paid to watch this. Good donations then. As soon as this bout was rumored to take place months ago, I've laughed thinking it was a joke. Obviously Dana as fat as he is, his wallet just got fatter.
    Obviously the ref was lectured before going on the ring. Certain calls were acceptable, others were not. But again, this match had an entertaining and a curiosity purpose.

  9. Boxing is an art. What you saw was Mayweather breaking a man down and taking him out. Conner was gassed from round 3. Mayweather at 40 fought a tactful fight and was the fitter of the two. Conner was never going win. He barely laid a glove on Mayweather.

  10. The badass twenty-something UFC fighter schooled in real sport: by a retired 40 year old boxer with puffy gloves. What a pussy McGregor is…not to mention a fukking coward for making up excuses after the fight. He's a loser, the UFC lost ALL credibility and Mayweather is 50-0 with $300 million more in the bank. The winner and the stooge… best way to describe it.

  11. Mayweather is good at turning arounf and did well with the elbow in the throat, McGregor should have worked harder in earlier rounds, he needed to get his second wind in the eighth not the 11th

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