Speaker of the House Aba Dula Gemeda Submitted His Resignation – Abbay Media


The Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives’ of the lower chamber of the Ethiopian Parliament, Mr. Aba Dula Gemeda, willfully resigned from his position, it is reported.

It is not clear why the speaker, Aba Dula presented his resignation to the Government instead of Peoples Representative he serves. It is surmised the request for his resignation will be easily granted by the government. Political analysts see the resignation of the speaker in two lights; he has a strong base and support in Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) and is believed he is going to take advantage of that and fight EPRDF from outside during this vulnerable time. He is also thinking of fighting the cause of the 100,000 Oromos that are displaced due to the clash with Somalis in the Eastern part of the country bt being outside of the party politics. It is also believed there is a sinister motive on the part of EPRDF, giving him cleaning-up job of the mess created by OPDO.

Aba Dula is the third high government official who has left the government recently. The difference is he resigned within the country while the other two asked for an asylum in the United States. All these happened within a week of EPRDF’s central committee special meeting that was held in Tigray.

Historically, Aba Dula is a captured former military Government. His name during his capture was Minase Teklehayamanot which was later changed to Aba Dula Gemeda by EPRDF.  He was serving EPRDF government as General and was made President of Oromo region during the famous EPRDF split. He, later, fell out of favor by the late Prime Minister due to his political activities and was demoted from his presidency of the Oromo region and made speaker of the house. It is rumored, Aba Dula is a corrupt individual who has also a strong influence in OPDO hierarchy.

The government didn’t accept nor deny the resignation of Aba Dula Gemeda, but he has left his job and has made it official. The resignation of Aba Dula Gemeda and the defection of the two high ranking officials indicates the government has reached to a stage where the renewal dream has become a farce.