Genzebe Dibaba wins Women’s 1 Mile – Lausanne Diamond League 2017 HD



  1. The first pacer was very good. The British pacer was a little slow, but Genzebe hit the wall on the last turn. She was on pace to break it.

  2. When they showed her sister I thought it was genzebe and was wondering how much weight she must have lost for the championship lol.

    Also get 800 specialist to pace her for like 1000m and let her do the rest.

  3. Genzebe holds eight world records. i1500, i2000, imile, i2mile, i3000, i5000, 1500, 2000. Most of any woman in history by double. This would be her ninth. No athlete has ever held nine world records simultaneously.

  4. ገንዘቤ ከእህትሽ ጋር ተጣልታችዋል እንዴ መታ እንኳን አላቀፈችሽም ሼም ነው

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