On Birhanu Lenjiso’s Lecture of Land Grab in Oromia (Ethiopia) – By Diidoo Diidaharre

Recently, I came across a presentation by a known Oromo activist and social media warrior, on a public meeting organized by OFC- ISG in Minnesota. Mr. Birhanu Lenjiso studied Sociology and Social Anthropology at Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). And then he joined Ambo University (Ethiopia) where he served the university

Ethiopia Drought Crisis: Pastoralists Threatened By El Niño, Land Grabbing, Population Growth Adopt Nontraditional Methods To Survive – BY MORGAN WINSOR

Born and raised in one of the earth’s hottest and driest spots, Ethiopian herdsman Hasen Hamed perpetually moves his cattle across the northeast Afar region using traditional methods to locate green grass and drinking water, just as his father did before him. In recent years, Hamed has walked for days, only