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Analysis: Inside the controversial EFFORT – By Oman Uliah, Special to Addis Standard

Every authoritarian regime has its own symbol of economic exploitations and monopoly either in an individual face or in an organizational mask. Ethiopia, despite its success in persuading its western allies that it is combating poverty using its fast economic growth and democratization, remained to be one of the poorest

Prominent Ethiopians and the U.S. asylum move: Lilesa, Tsegaye, Baye Tadesse – By AfricaNews

Ethiopia has recorded one of the highest asylum seeking moves by a government official. But before Baye Tadesse Teferi – a top official close to the Prime Minister, there were two other major asylum seeking instances. One of the most publicized being that of Feyisa Lilesa, the long distance runner

The Torture Chronicles of Ethiopian Patriot Habtamu Ayalew (in His Own Words) – By Al Mariam

Author’s Note: Following is my translation of the Amharic interview given by Habtamu Ayalew to the Voice of America (VOA), Amharic Program on March 15, 2017 and broadcast on the same day and on March 18 on “Democracy in Action” program. Translation of speech or text often presents some technical