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Ethiopia is an outlier in the Orthodox Christian world – By Jeff Diamant, Pew Researcher

                      Ethiopia has the largest Orthodox Christian population outside Europe, and, by many measures, Orthodox Ethiopians have much higher levels of religious commitment than do Orthodox Christians in the faith’s heartland of Central and Eastern Europe. The country in the

ET-HIOPIA-WIN-ET: Gedu Andargachew in His Own Words – By Alemayehu G Mariam

Ethiopiawinet in a nutshell… “Indeed, our diversity has been the amazingly distinctive feature of our Ethiopiawinet. The strong bond in the mosaic of our Ethiopiawinet is reflected in the diversity of our religions, traditions and cultural practices. The linkage of our unity over the ages has remained very strong. [Ethiopiawinet]

ET-HIOPIA-WIN-ET: Lemma Megerssa in His Own Words – By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam

“Ethiopians are like sergena teff [staple foodstuff in Ethiopia made whose tiny seeds resemble poppy seeds eaten as flatbread called injera] (applause). [Grain] that is gathered together. Milled together. Eaten together (applause)… EthiopiaWINet is an addiction [deep passion]. It is in the heart of each and every Ethiopian. If there