The Guardian view on Ethiopia: change is welcome, but must be secured

Though Abiy Ahmed’s record to date is impressive, the developments he has set in train need a proper political roadmap and institutional backing. Source: ecadforum

Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed’s discussion with teachers

Ethiopia: Five opportunities for the United States in 2019

The United States must support the reform-focused Abiy Ahmed government in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has 80 million people and will double its population. Source: ecadforum

Ethiopia PM makes unannounced ‘supervision visits’ to govt offices

The office of the prime minister added that such surprise supervision visits will be extended to all other government departments. Source: ecadforum

Egypt Water Anxiety Grows Over Ethiopia Dam on Nile

The timetable for filling the reservoir is the most critical problem for Egypt. The faster Ethiopia fills the dam, the less water will flow...

The Trouble With Ethiopia’s Ethnic Federalism

Ethiopia's ethnic federalism troubled with internal inconsistencies because ethnic groups do not live only in a discrete “homeland” territory but are also dispersed across...

Ethiopia expects Nile dam to be ready to start operation in late 2020

Ethiopia's $4 billion dam project on the River Nile, which has been beset by construction delays and criticism from Egypt, will start initial operations...

Thank You PM Abiy Ahmed for All You Have Done for Ethiopia!

I have written this personal note as an expression of my personal gratitude for all you have done for Ethiopia over the past eight months. Source: ecadforum

Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Collects Over One Million USD, Says Office of PM

Following the call, the Ethiopians in Diaspora responded vigorously, thus exceeding the planned 1,000,000 USD, Office of the Prime Minister revealed. Source: ecadforum

Eritrea closes border crossings to Ethiopian travelers

Eritrean border officials are now asking Ethiopian travelers to provide a travel document issued by federal authorities. Source: ecadforum

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Concerns mount in Egypt as Israel boosts ties with Ethiopia

There is belief in Cairo that Israel would not jeopardise its improving relations with Egypt only to give its defence technology companies the benefit...

Ethiopia, China hail joint efforts over 4 bln trees planting initiative

ADDIS ABABA, July 20 (Xinhua) — Ethiopian and Chinese officials on Saturday hailed joint efforts to achieve Ethiopia’s 4 billion trees planting project. As part...

Bloodline Politics in Ethiopia and its destructive power

Abiy Ahmed -Prime Minister of EthiopiaThe honeymoon of the government of Dr Abye is now over. The business, as usual, is now truly started;...