The dishonorable TPLF men behind the cover up of the ongoing atrocities in Ethiopia and HR 128 (Teshome Debalke )

articleThe price of playing with the lives and livelihood and rights of the people of Ethiopia must exponentially rise high enough to end contemporary elites’ dysfunctional behavior and unprofessional conduct to end the bloodletting.

No people/nation got freedom and rights without making the responsible parties pay high price for their delinquencies.  

March 17, 2018

In a recent interview conducted on Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) by Abebe Gelaw with Dr. Araya Amsalu, Chairman of the Ethiopian Advocacy Network, Deacon Yosef, Chairman of the Ethiopian American Council and Ms. Andria, representing Torture Abolition and Survival Collation Network regarding the campaign to pass US House Resolution 128 Human Right Bill against the Ethiopian regime’s high-powered Washington lobbyist shows the tenacity of Ethiopian Americans to make the rogue regime accountable for its crimes against humanity though legislative means.

The eye-opening interview that explores the level of the ruling party crimes of atrocities, tortures, rapes and its sophisticated network of lobbying and PR campaign by its operatives to suppress and cover up the evidence is a lesson for one-and-all; how the authoritarian regimes use open societies and public resource to get away with ‘murder’ for far too long.


But, behind suppressing and covering up human right violation is a dishonorable man in the ruling party circle handpicked to Chair the regime’s Ethiopian Human Right Commission established by make-believe proclamation of the rubberstamp Parliament by the name Dr. Adisu Geber-Egizabher (pictured). The make-believe Commission was created to suppress the finding of the Ethiopian Human Right Council after the regime arrested and exiled its leaders and close its office.

Dr. Geber-Egizabher, the Former Deputy Chairman of the ruling party controlled Ethiopian Election Board that presided over the 2005 National Election where the ruling party was rejected nationally followed by the atrocities of the regime’s security force that resulted with losses of 1000s of lives and injuries to maintain its grips on power.

 Known to work behind the seen with US and European based ‘civic’ organizations in the name of reform and capacity building Including organization and lobbying firms associated with Professor Ephraim Isaac and the Former Bush Administration’s Assistance Secretory for African Affairs Ambassador Cohen’s lobbying firm Cohen & Woods International Associates that is considered one of the favorite firm by African governments, according  to Jim Lobe’s 2001 report on Inter Press Service siting Corp Watch’.

Professor Ephraim Isaac is the Head of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy’s Country Director of “Peace Dialogues for a Sustainably Stable Ethiopia project, according to NCDAFP’s website. In that capacity, in November of 2012 by invitation only round table discussion at the Harvard Club in New York City titled “Laying the Groundwork for Democracy” as part of the NCAFP’s Ethiopia Project, Dr. Addisu Gebreigzabhier, who serves as Deputy Chairman of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia since 2007, and Professor Merga Bekana, the Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia according to NCDAFP were  the only Ethiopians invited.

It is not clear why the only two individuals that were responsible for the 2005 rigged election were invited by Prof Ephraim in “Laying the Groundwork for Democracy” project in Ethiopia. But, Prof Ephraim know to be the admirer of the late Chairman of the ruling TPLF party and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Melse Zenawi beyond and above the call of duty for impartial professional peacemaker and Elder remained the elephant in the room that continue to puzzle Ethiopians in the mist of on the ongoing atrocities and human right violation.

At present, no one knows what the relationship between Dr. Adisu Geber-Egizabher in his new capacity as the Chairman of the Ethiopian Human Right Commission and Professor Ephraim Isaac, the Country Director of “Peace Dialogues for a Sustainably Stable Ethiopia” project of NCAFP, the Founder of Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center (HAPDC) based in USA and the Board Member of its sister organization — the Ethiopian Peace and Development Center based in Ethiopia may be. No information on the ongoing atrocities of the regime in Ethiopia can be found in the Commission’s nor HAPDC’s official website or Facebook — rendering them useless at best and organizations at worst.

But, alike Dr. Geber-Egizabher questionable professional credential that can’t be independently verified by credible source, Prof Ephraim’s official profile recognize him as a distinguished scholar of linguistic and expert in peacemaking and conflict resolution by his colleagues at the prestigious Universities he is associated with and many organizations he worked for that appear not to have the same standard for peace and human rights for the country of his citizenship of the USA verses his birth place of Ethiopia to match his official credential.

Thus, when it comes to the 27-year-old rogue ruling party of Ethiopia with the documented record of serious human rights violation and atrocities an corruption never seen even by the African authoritarian regimes’ standard, the level of willful ignorance is perplexing for highly accomplished academician and researcher and all his associates concerned in Human Rights.

The sustained disregard for professional misconduct and lack of ethics by well-educated and accomplished contemporary elites behind prestigious institutions to look at the evidence and willfully pivot to alternative reality is a phenomenon that requires extensive investigation by all concerned legal and ethical monitoring institutions and Medias to remedy their deviant behavior.

But, the irony well-established ‘democratic’ nations that finance such unhinged and unprofessional behavior in Ethiopia and elsewhere intolerable if not illegal in their own nations is another saga in the hypocrisy of Western governments and institutions’ unholy relationship with autocratic regimes of their choice at enormous cost to lives, livelihood and rights of peoples in the respective nations they involve and give credence to regimes that commit heinous crime against humanity.

Here is an example of what the dishonorable Dr. Geber-Egizabher that is supposedly appointed by make-believe Federal Parliament to monitor human right violation in Ethiopia says about the ongoing atrocities of the regime in Addis Ababa according to Ethiopian Embassy in EU Capital of Brussels official website. It reads;

“In April 2017, the Commission published an independent inquiry on the protests and clashes which cost hundreds of lives in Oromia and Amhara regions during the year 2016. The report said that “Too many human lives have perished, many suffered physical injury and so much property was destroyed.” After consulting the victims and their families, officials, elders, religious leaders, representatives of the community, the investigation concluded that lack of good governance was the main cause for the violence. Lack of response to questions raised by the public, problems of land management, and rent seeking were also mentioned as reasons for the violence. The Commission also found out that in some cases, regional security forces used excessive force on some part of the population. Therefore, the EHRC recommended solutions to ensure good governance, create employment opportunities for young people, rehabilitate those affected by the unrest, avert ethnic-based attacks, bring responsible security forces to justice, respect and promote people’s rights and prevent movement of illegal weapons. the implementation of the human rights in Ethiopia and the long-term progress of the country in this way through the recommendations it makes to the Parliament.

The Human Rights Action Plan

Dr. Addisu Gebregziabher, Head of the Ethiopian Human Right Commission, said at an event in Washington on 20 July 2017 that “while successes have been registered so far in improving the human rights situation in the country, certain challenges do still remain. The primary challenge emanates from resource constraints and lack of capacity.” Therefore, in accordance with its own Constitution, but also with international targets set, among others, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, at the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993 and by the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council, Ethiopia has developed a Human Rights Action Plan to identify and close gaps in this field. The main objective of the Human Rights Action Plan is to develop a comprehensive and structured mechanism to advance the respect, protection and fulfillment of human and democratic rights enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution. The Action Plan reviews the current human rights situation of the country, identifies potential problems, and sets feasible solutions. The specific objectives of the Action Plan are to indicate the strategic guidelines to promote human and democratic rights in the country; set forth comprehensive, structured and sustainable strategies to respect and protect human rights in the coming years; define means to raise public awareness of human rights and indicate strategies on how the Government could work in collaboration with NGOs legally entitled to work on human and democratic rights, development partners, civil societies and other international stakeholders.”

Paradoxically, the cut-paste ‘Independent Inquiry’ and fairytale ‘Action Plan’ led by the ‘Commissioner’ Dr. Addisu Gebregziabher and associates like many including the Make-believe Federal government agencies appointees’ fairytale action plans are financed by EU and many Western governments including, the government of Norway, the Netherland, Germany, UK and USA where they charge, convict and sentence to long-term imprisonment of their own for the same offence they ignore in Ethiopia.

The muted response on the ongoing atrocities of the regime in Ethiopia by many prominent Western leaders that praise and finance the regime, including the Former President Baraka Obama that declared the regime as ‘democratically elected’ not long ago reviles; there is more work to be done to identify the responsible parties behind the seen to safeguard the lives and the rights of the people of Ethiopia.

As US Congress House Resolution 128 Human Right Bill works its way to the floor for final vote so the ruling party million-dollar lobbyist filling the pockets of targeted congressional representatives with blood money. The challenge of identifying the ruling party operatives and associates that facilitate the ‘pay-to-play’ scheme from public records to expose them to the public and make them accountable in court of law must be # 1 priority for the advocacy groups to pass the bill.   It should be remembered, the last Human Right Bill in Congress failed because TPLF operatives and associates in the US weren’t identified and exposed to pay for their deliquefies as they should.

The price of playing with the lives and livelihood and rights of the people of Ethiopia must exponentially rise high enough to end contemporary dysfunctional elites’ behavior and unprofessional conduct to end the bloodletting.

No people/nation got freedom and rights without making the responsible parties pay high price for their delinquencies.  

The article is dedicated to the latest victims of our people in Moyale and the surrounding area. The killing spree won’t stop until all involved, including those in the Media covering up for the regime’s atrocities for far too long as equally responsible as if they pulled the trigger themselves. 


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