Day: March 13, 2018

News of the  strike on Fuel trucks called by Qeerroo caused long queues of cars at gas stations in Addis Ababa

Abbay Media News Yassin Ibrahim The driving population of Addis Ababa were seen crowding fuels stations in long queues when the news broke of a weeklong strike on fuel transportation called by Qeerro. The Oromo youth known as Qeerro has warned fuel track transporters of serious consequences should they not

As the death toll of innocent Ethiopians is mounting, the command post says the killing was a mistake

Abbay Media Shiberu Tamerat The killing and maiming of several unarmed Ethiopians by security forces in Moyale, Ethiopia is sparking outrage.   Reports are showing that more than 15 innocent civilians were killed in the hands of Ethiopian government security forces. However, the number of people who have lost their