Day: November 27, 2017

Libya Slave Auctions: Activists Raise Alarm – By AFP/Aljazeera

“Ordinary people aside, everyone knew about this — governments, international organizations, political leaders,” Amnesty International said. Over the course of a week, demonstrations have erupted across Europe as thousands of protesters gathered in Stockholm Saturday holding signs reading, “Stop the slavery now, now, now,” and “Human rights for all.” In

Dr. Aberra Molla: 2017 Honoree of The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America Press Release

Nov 27, 2017 Dr. Aberra Molla, a scientist and an inventor is also known as the father of Ethiopic. Inspired by the creator of the Amharic typewriter, Ethiopian engineer Ayana Birru of Horo Gudru, Wellega, Dr. Aberra computerized Ethiopic/Geez more than 29 years ago. However, replacing the Latin characters with