Oromo Regional Administration Reneged, Military and Police will be Present in Full Force at ‘Erecha’

The Sunday’s annual ‘Erecha’ ceremony that was promised to be free of any Military and Police Force presence is no more to be, it is reported. All agreements with Oromo elders and leaders, ‘Aba Gedas’, was ignored and statement to the contrary was issued by the regional authorities.

The Oromo regional administration reneged on its agreements by saying the area is very vital to the government due to the presence of the Air Force base and other vital military facilities. Living the control of the ceremony in the hands of unarmed organizers and crowed control is unthinkable, it said.

‘Aba Gedas’ promised the regional administration the ‘Erecha’ ceremony will be free of violence any political rhetoric and will be managed by Oromo youth. But the agreement was rescinded and military and police forces will be controlling every move of the celebrants and the ceremony.

It is still fresh in everyone’s mind the government massacred over 700 innocent celebrants during the 2016 ‘Erecha’. The government used helicopters, armed men and tear gas to kill and disperse the crowd.

‘Erecha’ is annual spiritual and traditional ceremony that is celebrated by Oromo people. The celebration will be attended by millions of Oromos that travel from all over Ethiopia and abroad to Beshoftu to give thanks, blessings and prayers.

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