Renaissance Dam’s Construction Halted

The construction of the Renaissance Dam has stopped for no apparent reason after estimated 58% of its completion, various sources indicted. The dam was supposed to be completed and inaugurated this year.

According to sources in Benishangul and Gumuz, the project has halted and construction workers have been paid three months’ salary as severance pay and asked to look for other work. The government has yet to give its reasons why the construction totally stopped.

The dam that is being hailed as economics game changer as well as the largest and the best in Africa by the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia started its construction promised to be finished in five years and after 7 years only about 58% was completed.  The capital cost of the construction was estimated to be $4.8 Billion and the sudden halt of the project has become point of in Ethiopia.

It is to be reminded; Abbay Media has revealed month’s earlier evidential documents regarding the ownership of Renaissance Dam. The document revealed the owner of the dam as the minority Ethiopia led Ethiopian Government EPRDF not Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

As it stands now, 3,000 of the 7,000 of the employees are fired and the rest are advised to be on long service leave until they are recalled for duty at a future date, sources indicate.

It is surmised, the arrest of the construction is not only shortage of money but a political decision. Nevertheless, the government neither denied nor confirmed the termination of the constructions.

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