A Convoy of 110 Trucks Stranded Between the Boarder of Ethiopia and Kenya

Drivers who are stranded between Ethiopian and Kenyan boarder with tons of sugar are crying for help, it is reported.

Road trains of 110 trucks and their trailers loaded with tons of Ethiopian sugar that were heading to Kenya were stopped at Moyale boarder. It is not clear who ordered to stop the trucks. Both Ethiopian and Kenyan police and customs have denied stopping the trucks. The drivers along with their trucks have been stranded since the last week of August.

The onus lies on the Ethiopian Minority government to explain how such an amount of sugar is exported to a foreign country while there is a dire shortage of the commodity in the country. The corruption of such magnitude has become hot issue of discussion in the country. In the meantime, the stranded drivers who were at the border for a month without work and pay are begging for solutions. They are upset about the wastage of such a vital resource and energy and are asking to be relieved and go where they will.

According to sources, the 44,000 quintals of sugar were earmarked as a ration for the defence forces. But the mother of all corruption, Mr. Abbay Tsehaye has other ideas; selling it and earning hard currency.

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