Ethiopian makes it five victories at Carlsbad 5000

Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia wins the Carlsbad 5000. He’s holding up five fingers for the five victories he’s had in this race. (Charlie Neuman /)
Dejen Gebremeskel walked along the fence that separated spectators from runners along the Carlsbad Village Drive finishing chute, held his right hand aloft, spreading his fingers and thumb wide.


For the fifth time Sunday, the lithe Ethiopian won the Carlsbad 5000, this time in 13 minutes, 27 seconds, dusting second-place Paul Chelimo of the United States by 20 seconds.

“I want the history of the Carlsbad 5000,” said Gebremeskel. “No one has won five times. (No one else has celebrated four victories.) This is not easy. They bring champions here.”


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