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The Mother of all LandGrab Early warning the next East Africa WAR Between Ethiopia And Sudan Five to Ten Years or soon? – Diretribune

Current Ethiopian Government unconstitutionally without Ethiopian People Vote or approval giving out Ethiopian fertile land 725 km vs 279.924 Square Miles 288316.16ac= 450.4940mi² compares United State (States) World Countries By Square… Read more »

Ethiopia: World Bank Translator, Activists Face Trial – By Oakland Institute

Monday, September 21, 2015 For Immediate Release Activists Heading for Food Workshop Charged with Terrorism   Nairobi – Ethiopian authorities should immediately drop all charges and release a former World… Read more »

Ethiopians talk of violent intimidation as their land is earmarked for foreign investors – By David Smith, The Guardian

New report gives damning indictment of the government’s mandatory resettlement policy carried out in a political climate of torture, oppression and silencing The human cost of Ethiopia’s “villagisation” programme is… Read more »

The people pushed out of Ethiopia’s fertile farmland – By Matthew Newsome BBC

The construction of a huge dam in Ethiopia and the introduction of large-scale agricultural businesses has been controversial – finding out what local people think can be hard, but with… Read more »

Saudi Billionaire to Invest $100 Million in Ethiopian Rice Farm – By William Davison

Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, an Ethiopian company owned by billionaire Mohamed al-Amoudi, said it plans to invest $100 million in a rice farm in western Ethiopia next year to… Read more »

Aiding and Abetting: UK and US Complicity in Ethiopia’s Mass Displacement – By Think Africa Press

In the face of evidence, the UK and US continue to deny systematic human rights abuses are occurring in the Lower Omo as thousands are displaced for an irrigation scheme…. Read more »

Residents in Gambella set Indian-owned farm on fire – reporter

Residents of the Gambella Regional State, Godera woreda, attacked and set the property of the Indian farm, Verdanta Harvest Plc., on fire on account of destroying the rich forest resources… Read more »

Land grabbing in Ethiopia – By: Thewodros Getachew From Oslo/Norway

The deal of the Century and the suffer of indigenous community Multinational corporation/transnational companies are on the race in Ethiopia to get their hands what the international media call it… Read more »