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Ethiopia: Intellectual Genocide in the Making?

By Girma Berhanu* Editor’s Note: The following is an abstract and summary of the full length paper written by Dr. Girma Berhanu, which will be published here on shortly…. Read more »

The changing face of Ethiopia. – By yilma Bekele

The US elections are over and I have not met anyone happy with the outcome. All the dirty linen was was washed in public and the winner was the one… Read more »

Has Christos ever Negotiated or Reconciled with Satan? – By Belayneh Abate

Instead of demanding justice, some “pundits”, politicians, religious leaders and activists babble about negotiation and reconciliation with habitual Ethiopian murderers. As usual, it appears these negotiators are salivating to share… Read more »

What Do We Want and Do Now? Under TPLF’s Reign of Terror(Part II) – By Prof. Al Mariam

These perpetual little panics of the French – which all arise from fear of the moment when they will really have to learn the truth – give one a much… Read more »

Genuine Federation of Nations Indispensable for Ethiopia’s Survival – By Gabisso Halaale

In his recent article, “The Oromo Leadership Convention and the Future of Ethiopia: A Reply to Tedla Woldeyohanes’s Plea for Clarity”, Professor Ezekial Gebissa offered a candid feedback befitting the… Read more »

Transitioning a deeply-divided and traumatized Ethiopia into a promising future for all – By Nahome Freda

The people’s determined and peaceful stand to assert their rights on the one hand and the TPLF’s unreconstructed and brute response on the other does not bode well for Ethiopia’s… Read more »

A weekend with Ethiopians. By Yilma Bekele

Thank you to the Ethiopians of the Bay Area, your mother loves you! I was thinking if by any chance an alien is to visit our planet and happen to… Read more »

The Oromo Leadership Convention and the Future of Ethiopia: A Reply to Tedla Woldeyohanes’s Plea for Clarity – By Ezekiel Gebissa*

Questions about Oromo loyalty to Ethiopia persist though they are stale, condescending and meaningless. The sort of questions that Tedla raises have been litigated for nearly three decades. The issue… Read more »