Call for Action – 3rd Edition Ethiopia: One Love Many Voices ( By Gabe Hamda, Ph.D., SPHR )

articleExecutive Summary: This article is a call for action. What are actions I can take? What are actions you can take?  What are actions we can take?  If we want to see Ethiopia that is democratic, peaceful, just, inclusive, and prosperous, let’s go for it and make it happen. We must resist complacency and stop perpetual debates and spring into action.

Why are so many Ethiopians expressing optimism about Dr Abiy Ahmed, the incoming Prime Minister of Ethiopia? Those who support him acknowledge that the system of government that has been the source of misery for the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians remains intact. Despite a repressive system of Government in Ethiopia,

Why are you optimistic about Dr. Abiy?

Some of the reasons why Ethiopians are optimistic about Dr. Abiy are: (1) he inspires us by intuitively and wisely awakening the decency in our hearts and in our human spirit.   (2) he enlightens us by courageously speaking his mind and speaking truth to power. (3) he shows us a vision for a magical future for Ethiopia (4) he includes us all in the family picture of all Ethiopians with a consistent message of inclusion. (5) he respects us with remarks of positive attributes of our faiths, our histories, our cultures, our languages, and our achievements. (6) he relates to us by conveying simple real life but important messages and by telling  us memorably relatable stories (7) he makes us feel good about ourselves by expressing optimism in the the journey of the Ethiopian people.

These 7 reasons why many people love to see Dr Abiy as their successful Prime Minster are qualities of an extraordinary leader. Qualities of an outstanding leader include:








Do you want to see Dr Abiy succeed as a prime minister?  The one thing you can do is to fully engage in creating Ethiopia that is democratic, peaceful, just, inclusive and prosperous. Think of what you can do. Your active engagement will help Dr Abiy succeed as a prime minster of the Ethiopian people.

There is a very recent history of the emergence of another charismatic and transformative leader that many Ethiopians and Ethiopian American supported and celebrated. You guessed it right.  It is President Barack Obama.  Many of the Ethiopian Americans actively engaged in the first election and the re-election of President Obama. Yes, many of us were fans of President Obama during his elections and during his presidency. I must admit, we were not as engaged as activists to advance his progressive agenda during his years in office.

The key lesson here is to see the agenda of the leader we support, we need to fully engage in supporting and shaping policies that serve the public interest. The forces of the status quo work overtime to reverse the gains of the progressive forces. We must resist complacency and stop perpetual debates and spring into action.

Remember, this article is a call for action. What are actions I can take to help Dr. Abiy succeed? What are actions you can take to help Dr. Abiy succeed? What are actions we can take to help Dr. Abiy succeed.  If we want to see Ethiopia that is democratic, peaceful, just, inclusive and prosperous, let’s go for it and make it happen. We must resist complacency and stop perpetual debates and spring into action.

I dedicate the 3rd Edition of the call for action to support and advance the progressive agenda that Dr Abiy and his cohorts stand for.  Those of us who admire Dr. Ahmed want to see a fully democratic Ethiopia. We want to see Ethiopia where there are no more political prisoners. We want to see all Ethiopians as owners of all the resources of their land. We want to see Ethiopians of various ethnicities and nationalities to live together in harmony. We want to see an accountable government that can be constitutionally hired and fired by its stakeholders, the people through free and fair elections.

This is the 3rd Edition of my post on the call for action in support of the Ethiopian popular movement. Why do you post the 3rd Edition?Isn’t one call for action enough? Great question. After my first 2 posts, I received numerous comments and suggestions including ideas for more suggested action items that I want to share with you.

This 3rd edition includes a call for action (1) for Ethiopians world wide (2) for Ethiopians inside Ethiopia (3) for current and future Ethiopian governments.


Remember, the fuel of a popular movement is public engagement.  Why is public engagement so important and why is your engagement so important? The situation in Ethiopia is very volatile and dangerous. Many people think that the country is on a very risky path. Many of us check on the latest news updates several times a day and discuss how terrible the situation is. This situation creates anxiety and stress. This is not good for your health and toxic for your normal functioning.

The remedy is to be engaged in a positive action of your choice that will contribute to the solution. Reading or watching the news and debating the matter with others is not action. Action is setting a goal of what you want to accomplish in support of the popular movement and trying to implement alone or with other like minded people.

Here is an updated list of actions you can take to positively contribute to the situation in Ethiopia and support the popular movement. If implemented, these action items can positively support the tide of the popular movement:

System Focused Transformation

The following action items are advanced to support the transformation toward creating  a system of government that serves the current and future needs and interests of the Ethiopian people. These action items are focused toward transforming Ethiopia from a repressive system of government to a democratic system of government.  Thus, these action items are NOT directed toward individuals or any group of people. Instead, the action items are system focused.

For Ethiopians World Wide

Action # 1: Develop a blue print to guide the transition and the future state of Ethiopia. Individually or in self organized small groups, you may develop a blue print that will guide the transitional period of Ethiopia as well as the future state of Ethiopia. Such blue prints must be shared and debated in community forums to develop consensus on transitional strategies and the future state of Ethiopia.

Action # 2: Provide material resources to support the popular movement. Use your imagination of what material resources and capabilities are needed that you wish to supply. Such resources and capabilities range from bullet proof vests for self defense to food items for displaced people to supplying smart phones that work without internet.

Action #3: Support Your Local Businesses. Make a habit of having a meal at a local Ethiopian Restuarant of your choice with your family and or friends at least once a month. This will strengthen the local economy of an Ethiopian cottage industry. I also encourage Ethiopian Restaurants to upgrade the quality of your food and service to incentivize and attract more customers.

Action #4: Support the Independent Media. Financially support the media groups that frequently bring you news and analysis about the current events in Ethiopia. These media groups need financial resources to produce quality programming.

Action #5: Actively Support Your Political Party.  Be actively engaged with a political party of your choice. Give your talents, time and money.

Action #6: Engage with a Civic Organization. Be actively  engaged with a civic organization of your choice. Give your talents, time and money.

Action #7: Connect with an Activist in Ethiopia. connect with one of the activists you admire, who resides in Ethiopia and who actively supports the reform. Support this activist financially and morally.

Action #8: Connect With a Released Political Prisoner. Connect with one of the recently released political or journalist prisoners in Ethiopia. Provide material and emotional support.

Action #9: Support the Ethiopian Global Remittance Restriction Campaign. Actively support the remittance restriction campaign that is intended to weaken the hands of the forces who are relentlessly working to reverse the popular movement. Use your imagination and use your God given talents to figure out how to make this happen. I know you can do it.

Action #10: Actively Listen to Different Solutions. Seek to understand before you disagree. There is no single solution for the challenges facing the Ethiopian people. Active listening is respectfully asking clarifying questions to understand an expressed opinion. You may respectfully listen to understand without agreeing with an expressed opinion.

Action #11: Create and lead an organization to address an issue that concerns you. If you believe there is an issue that is big enough that warrants an organization, you may take a lead to create it and lead it.

Action #12: Pray for the people of Ethiopia. Please pray so that the people of Ethiopia are granted justice, freedom and peace. Also, please pray so that the leaders who are in the trenches of the popular movement shall have wisdom, courage and favor. Also, please pray so that the oppressors are filled with fear and responsibility.  For starters, please say “Amen” to this prayer out loud and believe. God is going to answer your prayers by giving you the needed wisdom  to do your part and he will bless your action (s).

Action #13: encourage your immediate family members to reach out and support vulnerable families in their community. vulnerable families are families with very limited means and with members who are the elderly and with very young children and who can not defend themselves.

Action #14: Express appreciation for heroic actions of the Ethiopian people. No energy must be wasted complaining about the brutal actions of the oppressive system. More energy must be spent celebrating the resilience and the heroic resistance of the people. Why? Celebrating the heroes of the popular movement provides psychological boost to the public movement and resistance.

Action #15: Encourage your family members to alienate planted informants who serve the interests of the oppressive system in their community. Encourage your family members to persuade the informants to side with the people.

Action #16: Encourage your family members to alienate the few people who are beneficiaries of the current corrupt system. Encourage your family members to persuade beneficiaries of the corrupt system to side with the people.

Action #17:  Build a durable infrastructure to raise and manage funds with a great degree of transparency to address the big national needs.  There is a need for credible institutions, who can be stewards of pubic funds and who are capable of and who are dedicated to accomplishing dedicated worthy missions to support the Ethiopian popular movement. If your calling is to make this happen, go do it.

For Ethiopians in Ethiopia

We love you. We support you. We are standing with you. Keep on keeping on.  Please consider the following actions:

Action #1: keep believing your victory over  the repressive system is getting closer by the day. Remember the Adwa Victory? Ethiopia is  a symbol of freedom world wide. Yes, keep believing you are victorious.

Action #2: Keep exercising your courage. You are no longer scarred of actions of the oppressive system. Remember, your courage is the source of your power to overcome oppression.

Action #3: Act with Love. An act of love is a source of positive energy. Yes, acting out of love for freedom and acting out of love for rights of others is a powerful and a triumphant act.

For Current & Future Governments of Ethiopia

Action #1: Remember, you work for the people of Ethiopia. Do you know you are not there permanently. Do you know the people are your boss and they can hire you and fire you?

Action #2: Listen to the people and act promptly. listen to and acknowledge what the people are saying. The People who criticize your actions must be rewarded and do not belong in jail.

Action #3: Love and respect the people you lead. Yes, as a human,  you are equipped to love and to respect. You love members of your family, right? You respect your mothers and fathers, right? If you are equipped to love and respect your family members. You simply extend this love and respect to the people you lead. I urge you to treat the people of Ethiopia like your own family. The people you are privileged to lead are your children, your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your fathers, your grand mothers and your grand parents. You are empowered to act this out.

When you lead with love and respect, people will love and respect you back. God will bless a heart that is filled with love and respect for others.

Background Information

As I see it, the unfolding event in Ethiopia is between our Ethiopian brothers and sisters who stand for reform against our brothers and sisters who want to maintain the status quo. In other words, a war is raging between forces of reform against forces of the status quo.

I want to caution my esteemed readers to understand that the forces of reform include those from the people of Tigrai, Amhara, Oromo, the Southern People and others. Forces of Status Quo also include the people of Tigrai, Amhara, Oromo, the Southern People and others. The point here is  the confrontation between the forces of reform  and the Status Quo is based on confrontation between those on the basis principle and not based on an intra-ethnic group confrontation.

I am standing in support of the forces of reform in Ethiopia. Why? (1) the people of Ethiopia, like other people of the world deserve justice, liberty and peace (2) the overwhelming majority of Ethiopia are ready for change and have expressed intolerance for the status quo. (3) the overwhelming majority of youth, the future owners of the country are ready for change and have refused to be governed by the repressive system.

I write this message to inspire my readers who support the reform in Ethiopia to take immediate action for the success of the reform.

Popular movement is not spectator sports. Yes, your favorite team can benefit from your cheer leading for morale support. The success of a popular movement depends on the active engagement of its constituents.

The supporters of the reform who reside in Ethiopia are expressing their support for the reform with their dear life, with beatings, with imprisonment and with harassment.

While the forces who are determined to maintain the status quo are fewer in number, they are working overtime. They have the National Defense. They have the National intelligence and the national economy at their disposal to try to suppress the popular movement. As history has shown the will of the people shall triumph.

I am directing my call for action toward Ethiopians world wide to take action in support of the reform in Ethiopia, who are waging a peaceful resistance.

I urge each Ethiopian world wide who supports the reform in Ethiopia to take at least 3 of the  actions or comparable actions of your own immediately.

While these are examples of actions you may take to support the popular Ethiopian movement, you may think of other comparable actions.

Remember, when it comes to your popular movement, your actions speak louder than your words.

Stay tuned for more action items in support  of Ethiopia: One Love Many Voices.

You may send comments about these action items or your preferred action items to Gabe Hamda by email at Your suggested action items will be included in the next edition of action items to support the Ethiopian popular movement.

Gabe Hamda

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude; It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”  Unknown.

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