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An election rally staged by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front in Addis Ababa. There is widespread public indifference about the poll. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

Ethiopia’s election is a wake-up call on human rights and sound governance – Theguardian

The international community must challenge Ethiopia’s oppressive regime by funding local human rights and democracy groups On Sunday, millions of Ethiopians will line up at polling stations to participate in… Read more »

Yemi Hailemariam outside the Foreign Commonwealth Office to demand the release of her partner, Andargachew Tsege, who is being held in in Ethiopia. Photograph: Alamy

UN investigates Briton on death row in Ethiopia – theguardian

Special rapporteur on torture asks UK and Ethiopian governments about detention of Andargachew Tsige amid claims of ill-treatment The detention of a British citizen held on death row in Ethiopia… Read more »


Ethiopia: Onslaught on human rights ahead of elections – By Amnesty International

The run-up to Ethiopia’s elections on Sunday has been marred by gross, systematic and wide-spread violations of ordinary Ethiopians’ human rights, says Amnesty International. “The lead-up up to the elections… Read more »


Ethiopia: Please Don’t Kill My People you gone win 99.9% Tommorow election anyway

Ethiopia 2010 election Result EPRDF: 499 seats allied parties: 45 seats opposition parties: 1 seats Total 100% 546 Ethiopia 2005 election Result EPRDF 327 seats allied parties: 109 seats CDU… Read more »

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Why Killing African Immigrant in South Africa? – Diretribune

Zulu King Zwelithini was recorded saying that foreigners must pack up and leave the country. Many believe this is what has fuelled the xenophobic attacks across South Africa. This audio… Read more »

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