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Ethiopian gov’t leader’s appearance in Minneapolis sparks loud protest – By ANTHONY LONETREE ,

Spirited voices of protest rang out in downtown Minneapolis Sunday as an Ethiopian government leader prepared to address thousands of local supporters about the economic transformation of his country’s Somali… Read more »

Tedros Adhanom

Tedros Adhanom’s $20 million lie suffers fatal blow – By Abebe Gellaw

The scandal escalates as the minister blames it all on the teenager Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom’s scandalous bedtime fairy tale that he told to the people of Ethiopia on TV,… Read more »


Donors Warn Ethiopia of Omo Conflict Risk From Rapid Sugar Plans – By William Davison

(Bloomberg) — Development of the Ethiopian sugar industry in South Omo that will bring in migrant laborers may exacerbate conflict in the ethnically diverse region, according to the U.S. aid… Read more »


Ethiopia is hacking US journalists with commercial spyware blogger-avatar – By Andrew Tarantola

Ethiopia’s government is among the most oppressive political regimes on the African continent, only trailing Eritrea in its population of incarcerated journalists. And with the country’s recent implementation of off-the-shelf… Read more »

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